A welcome message from Karen Hanlon


Healing Expressions art gallery.

Welcome to Healing Expressions, this site was designed as a resource to educate and support those who struggle with mental illness and who are interested in the artistic way to wellness.

To learn more about Healing Expressions please explore our site. The potential for art to heal is phenomenal and timeless. May your visit help you appreciate the richness of ‘art and healing’ combined, and inspire your own journey of  healing.

Our mission at Healing Expressions is to provide a studio in St. John’s and surrounding community that gives people struggling with mental an avenue for self-expression that leads to healing. Through this empowering self-expression the individual will be able to focus on creating for themselves a sense of wellbeing and new found confidence. Working together with your peers  you will develop compassion, courage, trust and confidence to move forward with their healing. This forward journey brings one closer towards a positive sense of self.

We hope that the visit to our site will help you understand the affluence of ‘art and healing’ and bring inspiration to your own self-expression.


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